Please note that our regular parties are now on FRIDAY nights (instead of Saturday nights)!!!


Our Friday night schedule:

* This Friday (October 2nd), from 8:00 to 9:00 pm Beula and Gal  will be teaching the Jive. We will teach musicality and technique, which is needed to all levels of dancers.

The first 20-25 minutes of the lesson are for beginners (or used as a review) and the rest of the lesson will be for intermediate to advanced level dancers.

* The party is from 9:00 pm to 12:30 am and will include Latin, Standard, Salsa and Argentine tango music

* Cover $12

* Snacks, hot drinks and parking are free


Please join our beginner and intermediate classes on Thursday evenings

We offer attractive prices and free / discounted  dance parties in our package deals!!! 


Location: 245 West Beaver Creek, unit 5a, Richmond Hill. Call: (416) 856-1933 for booking (for 4 or more dancers) or more details.

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Social Dance party by Swing and way June 21
Social Dance party by Swing and way June 21
We are open on Canada Day Weekend
July 26 Social Dance Party at Swing and Sway
July 26 Social Dance Party at Swing and Sway
Social Dance Party at Swing and Sway on July 26th, 2013
Hawaiian Nights at Swing and Sway
Hawaiian Nights at Swing and Sway
Haloween party on Saturday October 26th
Halloween 2013 Friday
Nye Year 2014 Swing and Sway
V-Day 2
V-Day 2
V-Day 2
HAlloween 2014
valentines day dance l2015
“Ballroom and Latin dancing is a beautiful multifaceted human activity like no other. The attributes of Ballroom and Latin dancing are directly connected to our intrinsic desire to socialize. The lively music sets the stage for two people to communicate in a vibrant non-verbal language. It is romantic, sensual, musical, elegant, fun, intimate, social, friendly, smooth, energetic, sexy, physical, spiritual, artistic, logical, meditative, stylish, uplifting, international and very enjoyable.”Cited from the book “Ballroom and Latin Dancing and Culture”, by Gal Messinger