We offer three types of dance parties:

  • Weekly dance parties (including a complimentary lesson)
  • Themed Parties
  • Semi-Private Party
  • Private Party / Event


Weekly dance parties (including a complimentary lesson)

What’s included:

  • Complementary lesson
  • Free snacks
  • Free hot drinks (tea, coffee, chocolate milk, green tea)
  • Free parking
  • Free (self) coat check
  • “Surprise shows”
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Our Venue

  • 5000 square foot of a suspended dance hardwood floor, which is engineered for dancing
  • Surround sound system, which fills the dance floor with linear sound, similar to the concept of the sound system at the Blackpool Dance Festival
  • Low – Volume sound system for the sitting area (yes … you can talk normally and hear every word spoken)
  • Light system with 10 different settings, to accommodate the different dance styles we play
  • Elegant European styled décor
  • Specious dressing rooms – for men and for women
  • Soft drinks and mineral water are available for $1 to $2
  • You can bring your own food, snacks and soft drinks
  • Our music is a combination of up-to-date strict tempo music for the Standard and Latin dances and sizzling social music for the rest of the dance

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Themed parties

We use unique decoration, music and lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for each event. Please watch our photo galleries of our latest themed events.

The theme parties are on:

  • New Year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Valentine’s Day weekend
  • Canada Day weekend
  • Halloween Weekend

2012 New Year party at Swing and Sway


Chinese New Year 2012

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Private or semi-private parties

Semi private party

A semi private party takes place as a part of our regular Friday or Saturday dance. We can accommodate groups up to 40 people with a short notice, or up to 80 people with an advanced notice. At a semi private party your guests will have separate tables within the main sitting area. They will also enjoy our special tables for food and drinks.

In a Semi Private party you can ask for special music accommodation (for example more Latin music, or adding a West-Coast Swing to the playlist.)

The advantage of this arrangement is the cost effectiveness of your party. With a combination of our group discount you can organize events with a full meal for less than $18 per person.

Semi Private birthday party

Private party

A private party takes place On Sundays. We can accommodate groups up to 150 people with full sitting or 200 with a combination of sitting near tables or without them. A few examples of private parties are: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Fundraisers, Cooperate Events, Bar or Bat-Mitzvah, Baptism and any special occasion you can think about.

The advantage of this arrangement is the flexibility, cost effectiveness and uniqueness of your party. You can design any theme, have any food and drinks and arrange any music and atmosphere you want. Our sound system can play anything from Classical and Jazz to Disco and Hard Rock. You can have a fully lit place or club-style lighting. In other words – you are the boss…

Book a demo and we will show you what we can do for you and your guests!

On our Semi-Private and Private parties

  • You can organize the food and drinks by yourself, or you can let us do it for you.
  • If you need alcohol, we can help you getting a liquor licence. Just remember that getting a licence takes 5 to 30 days – depending on the type and size of the event.

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New Year